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Child Custody and Child Support in Canada
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Child Custody and Child Support in Canada

Everything You Need To Know About



Everything You Need to know about Child Custody and Support in Canada
This Publication presents the largest volume of pertinent information
about Child Custody in Canada ever developed.

There are 232 total pages, divided into six different sections, that can be viewed and printed individually. You will not be rushed--- you will be able to return to the Download Site over and over to view or print the information as you need it (including any new information that is added).

SECTION 1: Canadian Child Custody:
Custody Definitions and Q & A


1. What are the basics of child custody?
2. What does the court look at to determine custody?
3. What kind of parenting plans are there?
4. What happens to child custody if I move away?
5. What are some Canadian child custody acts?
6. Dealing with denial of access to your children
7. Clinical issues and child custody

SECTION 2: Child Custody Arrangements:
Characteristics and Outcomes


1. What are the factors which affect child custody arrangements?
2. What are the characteristics of typical custody arrangements?

SECTION 3: Child Support in Canada


1. What are Canadian child support guidelines?
2. Do these guidelines apply to you?
3. How to calculate the child support you will owe (tables listing     amounts included)
4. What are the tax rules?5. Are your payments considered     "support" payments?

SECTION 4: Provincial and Territorial
Child Support Contact Information


1. Provincial and territorial child support contact information     listed by region

SECTION 5: Canadian Legal Aid and Low Cost
Legal Help Contact Information


1. Canadian legal aid and low cost legal help offices listed by     region

SECTION 6: Frequently Asked Legal Questions


1. What is custody?
2. Are different custody arrangements possible?
3. Who can get custody?
4. What is access and visitation?
5. Who can get access and visitation?
6. What could cause access and visitation to be denied?
7. How are orders or agreements enforced?


These Bonus Items are all pertinent to child custody in Canada:

49 actions to take to help you do well in your custody case.

~Child Custody and Visitation
  An in-depth discussion of the complete topic by experts.

~Additional Information from Dr. Bricklin and Dr. Elliot
  (They like to add something brand-new that might help your case.)

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Everything You Need to know about Child Custody and Support in Canada

Child Custody and Child Support in Canada

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