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Child Custody On A Budget
The Custody Center


Child Custody on a Budget

Child Cu$tody
on a

(Handling Your Child Custody Case
With Limited Financial Resources)

"Nothing of this magnitude has ever been attempted!
This Publication contains almost 1000 pages and thousands and thousands of specific resources that will help you defend your Child Custody Rights while spending little or no money!

Every state plus D.C is represented by these
wonderful resources!

We thank the many parents who asked that we develop this Publication, as well as our energetic and dedicated team of Editor-Investigators who worked on (and continue to add to) this truly worthwhile project!"

…but how can you download
almost 1000 pages?


Child Custody on a Budget has been developed in 17
easily downloadable sections. You are given free access
to the Download Site for a FULL YEAR!

That's right! You are invited to come back over and over
again, to view or print whatever material you choose.
Print it all, or only those sections that you need---IT'S
UP TO YOU! And be sure you come back to make use
of the updated resources that our crack team of Editors
will add to the site!

When you purchase Child Custody on a Budget you are
getting a FULL YEAR of child custody help!

Who needs this book?

EVERYBODY! That's right, everybody who is involved (or will be getting involved) needs to be aware of the professional resources that can (1) help you present your best and most efficient case while (2) moderating the total cost.

Table of Contents:

A. State-by-State Child Custody Information

1. PART A - Alabama through New York
2. PART B - North Carolina through Wyoming

Some of the topics include:
General Information
Who can get custody or Visitation?
How the custody process works
What happens after a custody order is in place?

B. Free or Low-Cost Legal Services Listed by State and County

3. PART A - Alabama through Kentucky
4. PART B - Louisiana through Oklahoma
5. PART C - Oregon through Wyoming

     Legal Services
     Lawyer Referral Services
6. Affordable Legal Aide for People of Modest Means

For the following states:
Arizona, California, Colorado, DC, Florida, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland,
Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin

C. State-Specific Pro-Bono and Cost-Effective Legal Programs

7.   PART A - Alabama through Colorado
8.   PART B - Connecticut through Minnesota
9.   PART C - Mississippi through Oklahoma
10. PART D - Oregon through Wyoming

11. Pro-Bono Sites
          Pro-Bono organizations and information

12. Legal Self-Help Centers
          Online Resources

13. Free Child Custody Legal Forms
          Legal forms to modify custody, file for custody, etc.

14. Is Free or Reduced-Cost Legal Help Available?
          Tips and resources for lawyer selection

15. Child Custody and Visitation on Budget
          Hiring affordable representation

16. File-It Yourself Legal Forms for Child Custody and Child Support
          Legal forms to modify custody, visitation, child support, name change

17. Paralegals
          Don't hire an attorney if you don't need to. Learn more here.

"Almost 1000 pages and growing!"

This Publication contains the greatest
volume of information ever assembled
about how to handle your child custody
case on a budget!

Your printable copy of the Child Custody on a Budget will be delivered in PDF format. If needed, a free download of Adobe Acrobat will be available. ALL computers (PCs & MACS) will be able to quickly and easily download this file.

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Child Custody On A Budget

Child Custody on a Budget
Almost 1000 pages (and growing!)
Download Price: $14.95

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