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Child Custody State Laws

Child Custody State Laws



Each report covers the custody, visitation, and child support laws and family court precedents for a specific state. This is accomplished by using discussions, examples, questions and answers, and summaries to make the large amount of information more meaningful to the reader.

It is the goal of these reports to help you understand the "child custody environment" of each state, as well as the hard-and-fast legal statutes that are in place. (Example: In order to be politically correct, it seems that the Family Court in EVERY STATE likes to talk about the "equality of men versus women." In the Custody Section of our report for one of the states, this question is asked: "What is the typical judicial attitude towards custody?" THE ACTUAL ANSWER: "Not surprisingly, it is women who are most in favor." (If this is YOUR state, this is certainly important information for you to have.)

After reading the 15 to 17 pages of a report you will have a good "feel" for the child custody judicial system of that state and all of your questions should be answered.

STATE-SPECIFIC Bonus Supplement


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~Types of Child Custody: Defining and focusing on the differences of temporary,    physical and legal custody. This section will help make decisions as to what    custody goals are obtainable.


~Custody Decisions: A practical step-by-step way to help decide who should     have custody--- based on how the courts actually decide.


~Child Custody Evaluations: When is a custody evaluation necessary? How     does it work? What to expect? Why do courts ask that one be conducted?


~Child’s Bill of Rights: A list of rules parents should attempt to follow to see that a     child's basic rights are not taken away. (Family Court judges love to see these     rules followed.).


~Child-Napping and Jurisdiction Issues: What to do if one suspects his or her    child has been kidnapped by the other spouse.


~Frequently Asked Questions about Child Custody (FAQs): A consistently    updated section of typical questions that family law attorneys tend to be    asked. “YOUR ANSWER MAY BE HERE!”


~Child Support Decisions: Defining and focusing on the issues and factors    involved in child support negotiations.


~Child Support Modification: Can support arrangements be modified? What is    the process, and what factors are considered?


~Child Support Enforcement: How does one prevent delinquency? What    measures to take if it occurs?


~Frequently Asked Questions about Child Support (FAQs): A consistently    updated section of typical questions that family law attorneys tend to be asked.    “YOUR ANSWER MAY BE HERE!”


~Reasonable Visitation?: The basic DO’s and DON’Ts of devising visitation    schedules. How much is too much, or is it enough? (Based on what is    acceptable to your Family Court.)


~The Child’s Wishes: A brief overview of how courts accept and/or consider a    child’s wishes.


~Visitation Modification: What to expect and how to go about changing visitation    situations.


~Grandparent Visitation: A explanation of the courts current outlook on the role    of grandparents.


~Frequently Asked Questions about Visitation (FAQs): A consistently updated    section of typical questions that family law attorneys tend to be asked. “YOUR    ANSWER MAY BE HERE!”


Tips for Parents Seeking Custody

There are some concrete things you can do when seeking custody of your kids that will better your chances.

Pre-Trial Prerequisites

Before going to trial or undergoing a parenting evaluation, you will need to have certain information, documents and exhibits ready in case you have the opportunity to present them.

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Child Custody State Laws

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