MOTHERS: DEFENDING YOUR CHILD CUSTODY RIGHTS (2009 Edition) Mothers have been given specific rights by family courts in every state. This publication has been developed to help you defend your custody rights when: ~Someone attempts to take your children away or ~Someone interferes with specific custody or visitation rights that you have already been given by the court system.

MOTHERS GOING TO CUSTODY COURT (2009 Edition) is a totally integrated publication that guides Mothers every step of the way as they seek to gain custody or visitation of their children. This is an entirely unique publication. It contains information from Dr. Barry Bricklin and Dr. Gail Elliot, two nationally-known and respected Child Custody Experts, who have been given access to those private "inner circle" areas of the judicial process that ultimately decides the fate of your Children. THIS PUBLICATION HAS BEEN PRAISED BY MOTHERS FOR MAKING THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SUCCESS AND FAILURE!

ENFORCING YOUR CUSTODY AND VISITATION PLAN WHEN IT IS INTERFERED WITH (2009 Edition) "What good is it to have court-ordered custody and visitation rights if they are always being interfered with by your ex? "THERE ARE LEGAL PROCESSES AVAILABLE IN ALL 50 STATES THAT WILL HELP DEFEND YOUR CUSTODY AND VISITATION RIGHTS! Learn what they are and how you can use them! "It's time for your ex to do what the court says!"

YOU CAN MODIFY A COURT ORDERED CUSTODY PLAN YOURSELF You can go back to court to change a custody order if there is a change of circumstance that can have a negative effect on the child (such as visitation problems (coming late or not keeping to the visitation plan, etc.), erratic behavior, change in employment, residence, marital status, etc., etc.) The courts recognize that many factors may change after the issuance of a custody-visitation plan and they will make changes if it is in the best interests of the child. Thousands of people file successfully every year in county courts throughout every state in the United States. THIS PUBLICATION WILL SHOW YOU EXACTLY HOW TO FILE TO HAVE YOUR CUSTODY ORDER MODIFIED AND EVEN CONTAINS THE STATE FORMS THAT YOU WILL NEED. You will be able to contact us whenever you need to file---now or five years from now---and we’ll send you the latest forms for whichever state you need. THE “DIAMOND BONUS PACKAGE” INCLUDES AN UNLIMITED NUMBER OF STATE MODIFICATION FORMS. (Yes, we’ve worked with some clients who had to file multiple modifications in different states.) We hope this doesn't happen to you, but if it does---YOU ARE READY!)

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AS A CONSIDERATION IN CHILD CUSTODY AND VISITATION DECISIONS (2009 Edition) An Important Discussion About How Court Systems Handle the Problem of Domestic Violence When Making Child Custody and Visitation Decisions.

UNMARRIED PARENTS AND CHILD CUSTODY (2009 Edition) Once you slip on a wedding ring, the law has you covered-- most state statutes outline rights and responsibilities for married couples. Few comparable statutes exist to guide the unmarried. As an unmarried parent, (alone or with a partner) you have a bit more work to find out: ~ Who has custody of the child? ~ What are your legal rights as a parent? ~ How to enforce those rights? ~ What are your responsibilities as a parent? This Publication covers EVERYTHING you need to know about having children while not being married.

PARENTING AGREEMENTS/PLANS: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW (2009 Edition) A Parenting Agreement (also called a Parenting Plan) is a written statement of how the needs of your children are going to be met after divorce. Parenting Plans cover EVERY important area of a child’s life. Each item that should be included is discussed, PLUS OUR EDITORS HAVE DEVELOPED A DETAILED “FILL-IN-THE-BLANKS” PARENTING AGREEMENT THAT IS READY FOR YOU TO USE. IT'S INCLUDED FREE OF CHARGE.

CHILD CUSTODY STATE LAWS (2009 Edition) There is a new 15 to 17 page report for each of the 50 states and DC. All State Laws concerning: (1) CUSTODY, (2) VISITATION, and (3) CHILD SUPPORT are covered. There is no complicated legal language. Everything is written clearly and concisely for men and women involved in child custody issues. Each Report discusses the State Laws, with emphasis on how these laws pertain to you. “Frequently Asked Questions” are included for each section---these are answers to questions from men and women just like you. AVAILABLE: All 50 states and DC. THE “DIAMOND BONUS PACKAGE” includes UNLIMITED STATE LAW REPORTS!